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I’m a traveler, content writer and self-professed story fanatic. I love juggling words and creating unforgettable narratives for brands.


Once upon a time ...

in a world of dreary office cubicles, a curious copywriter dared to dream.

That's me! A savvy digital nomad who's swapped the confines of a traditional office for the boundless freedom of the open road. 

Because, really, why settle for a mere handful of vacation days when you can embrace adventure 365 days a year?

Sparked by a pandemic revelation, I embarked on an ongoing, epic journey that has taken me across 45 countries (and counting!). Along the way, I've forged lasting connections, immersed myself in diverse cultures, and even attempted a few dance moves (albeit with questionable success).

As a freelance copywriter, I seamlessly blend my insatiable wanderlust with my fervor for helping clients like you reach new heights. Be it multinational giants or solo entrepreneurs, I've got the creative flair to tackle projects of any size, scope, or time zone.

Ready to launch your next big idea? Drop me a line, and let's shake things up together! 

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