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Hypothetical B2B Drip Campaign Sample

As a freelance writer, I fully comprehend the importance of presenting my abilities through a portfolio of solid work samples. However, the challenging reality is that many of the projects I have undertaken are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), which, unfortunately, restricts me from showcasing them as examples of my work.

To overcome this challenge, I proudly present my hypothetical B2B marketing email sample, which brilliantly displays my writing prowess and knack for striking a chord with the target audience. While this email is not based on an actual project, rest assured that I put as much care and attention into crafting it as I do with all of my work.

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The Scenario

I was approached by a software company specializing in developing inventory management systems for small and medium-sized businesses. They required my services to create an email drip campaign to promote a new feature they had recently launched, enabling users to track their inventory in real-time.

The Target Audience

This software company targets business owners, managers, and employees who manage inventory levels and seek an efficient and accurate inventory tracking solution.


Some specific roles within small and medium-sized businesses that might be interested in this feature could include:


  • Operations managers 

  • Warehouse managers

  • Retail managers 

  • Purchasing managers

The Tone of Voice

The tone of voice should be professional, informative, and helpful, with a human-centric approach.

Email 1: Introduction to the New Feature

Subject Line: Discover Our Latest Inventory Management Feature


Dear [Recipient Name],


My name is [Name], and I am the product manager for [Software Name] here at [Company Name]. I am excited to introduce you to our latest inventory management feature, designed to help companies like yours streamline their inventory management processes.


At [Company Name], we're committed to helping businesses succeed by providing innovative and reliable software solutions. Our [Software Name] inventory management software is designed to help you save time, reduce errors, and optimize your processes. We've recently added a new real-time tracking feature that provides complete visibility into your inventory levels, helping you to make quicker and more informed decisions. You'll be able to set up automatic reorder points, get alerted when stock runs low, and avoid stockouts and overstocks.


I would like to personally invite you to schedule a quick call to see how our latest inventory management software can work for you. During the demo, we'll walk you through the features of our software and discuss how it can optimize your inventory management processes. 


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


[Email signature] 

Email 2: Highlighting Success Stories

Subject Line: Real Businesses Achieving Real Results


Dear [Recipient Name],


I hope this email finds you well. Following up on my previous correspondence, I wanted to share some specific examples of businesses that have benefited from our latest inventory management feature.


One of our clients, [Client 1], a small business in the manufacturing industry, had been struggling to manage its inventory levels and frequently faced stockouts. They implemented our [Software Name] and quickly saw a 20% reduction in stockouts, leading to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and increased sales. Additionally, the feature improved their inventory accuracy by 30%, allowing them to make more informed decisions and increase their bottom line.


Another client, [Client 2], a distributor of automotive parts, was previously relying on manual data entry to track inventory levels, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone processes. After adopting our system, they eliminated manual data entry and saw a 40% improvement in data accuracy. This reduced overstock, improved inventory holding costs and allowed them to focus on scaling their business.


At [Company Name], we believe that our inventory management software can help your business achieve similar results. Our software is customizable to fit your unique needs and can help you reduce errors, save time, and increase efficiency. 


Let's schedule a quick 30-minute demo call to discuss how our software can benefit your business in more detail. Do any of the below fit your schedule? 


  • [Date and time window 1]

  • [Date and time window 2]

  • [Date and time window 3]


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


[Email signature] 

Email 3: Free Trial

Subject Line: [Recipient Name], Get a Free Trial of Our Customizable Inventory Management Software


Dear [Recipient Name],


I hope you are doing well. Following our previous conversations, I wanted to connect with you about our inventory management software, as I firmly believe it can help [Company Name] take the next step in streamlining its operations.


We understand that managing inventory can be daunting, especially when you have many moving parts to keep track of. That's why we designed our inventory management software to be customizable to fit specific needs, helping businesses reduce errors, save time, and increase efficiency.


To show how our software can work for [Company Name], I invite you to schedule a demo call with us, during which we'll give you a personalized tour of the features relevant to your operations. We'd also like to offer you a free trial of our software, so you can see how it can benefit your business without any financial commitment. This way, you can see firsthand its impact on day-to-day operations.


To schedule a demo call at your convenience and claim your free trial, simply click on the link below. You'll be directed to a page where you can view our availability and pick a date and time that work best for you.


[Insert scheduling link]


Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your inventory management goals, and we'll provide you with resources and support every step of the way.


Thank you for considering our software, and we look forward to working with you soon.


Best regards, 


[Email signature] 

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