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Curious about my process for crafting effective B2B email campaigns? From conducting in-depth research on your target audience to delivering a polished final product, I will guide you through each stage of the process with diligent care.

Crafting a genuinely impactful B2B email campaign demands a human-centric and strategic procedure tailored to your brand's objectives. My process involves thorough research, an immersive approach to understanding your brand, and a collaborative strategy that ensures your feedback is integrated throughout the campaign development process. 

Ready to explore the details? Keep reading for more!

The Ingredients

  • A clear understanding of the client's campaign plans and goals.

  • Research the target audience and their pain points.

  • A messaging strategy that aligns with the target audience, goals, and objectives.

  • A human-centric approach to the messaging that focuses on the reader's needs, emotions, and values.

  • An attention-grabbing subject line, clear and concise opening sentence, persuasive language, and storytelling techniques.

  • Highlighting the client's unique value proposition and benefits to the reader.

  • A clear call-to-action and easy-to-follow-through steps.

  • Collaboration with the client and obtaining their feedback and approval.


The Process


Requesting and Analyzing the Brief

  • Request a briefing document from the client

  • Analyze the briefing document to determine the brand's campaign plans and goals

  • In case the above is not ready, work with the client to create a plan for the email campaign that aligns with their goals and objectives


Drafting the Email

  • Craft an attention-grabbing subject line

  • Write a clear and concise opening sentence

  • Use persuasive language and storytelling techniques to engage the reader

  • Highlight the brand's value proposition and benefits to the reader

  • Include a clear call-to-action and make it easy to follow through

  • Use a conversational tone that aligns with the brand voice

  • Ensure that the messaging is human-centric, focusing on the reader's needs, emotions, and values


  • Get feedback from the client and incorporate their input

  • Make necessary revisions based on feedback and send a 2nd draft for approval

  • Apply any necessary revisions based on the client's feedback and send the final draft


Research and Planning
  • Identify the target audience and their pain points

  • Define the campaign's goals and objectives

  • Research the industry, competitors, and the client's unique value proposition

  • Create a messaging strategy that aligns with the target audience, goals, and objectives



  • Review the email for clarity, conciseness, and grammar

  • Cut unnecessary words and phrases to improve readability

  • Ensure the email is easy to scan and visually appealing

  • Check the email for compliance with anti-spam laws and company policies

  • Send the 1st draft to the client

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