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The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

What are Coworking Spaces?

In a nutshell, a coworking space is a neutral environment where people gather to work individually on different tasks or else in groups towards the same objectives. These are sometimes used as an alternative to working from home because they offer an office-like atmosphere in which certain people find it easier or more relaxing to work. Wi-Fi, desks, breakout areas, and conference rooms, as well as filing, faxing, and scanning capabilities, are popular features in coworking spaces.

FUN FACT: Back in 1995, a group of German hackers were the initial founders of what today is known as coworking spaces. The aim was to exchange ideas, space, and knowledge with those who entered the community in order to complete different tasks.

Coworking spaces are developing and increasing at exponential rates all over the world, and this crazy growth is only going to continue! So, what's all the fuss about, you may ask? We've compiled a list of reasons why you should consider joining a coworking space soon!

1. The Level of Productivity

Is it just us who find it hard to concentrate and be productive working from home when you've got that sofa so close to you and Netflix just a push of a button away? Or maybe a pile full of dirty clothes that needs your attention!

Working alone can lead to a hard time concentrating and keeping yourself motivated. This point was made even clearer when most businesses suddenly shifted to remote working during the pandemic. Working from a coworking place has been shown in studies to boost efficiency. A major reason for that, apart from eliminating the inevitable distractions of working from home, is getting the enthusiasm of other folks working around you who are also trying to excel with their own companies or businesses.

2. It's Part of The Learning Curve

A coworking place is not just a regular place to work. When you're surrounded by people in business holding different outlooks, talents, and experiences, it becomes natural to just interact and share thoughts and ideas. We call this networking, something we at COMPANY XYZ strongly believe in!

In fact, we recently wrote a whole article about it and its benefits to startups. This process provides an opportunity to learn from other people with different perspectives and absorb all the thoughts and ideas you think your business could benefit from.

3. It's Such a Mental Boost

Loneliness. Lack of Motivation. Anxiety. Pressure. These are just a few of the possible effects of continuously working alone. Working in a communal office allows you to interact and meet new people whilst ceaselessly increasing your circle.

4. Did Anyone Say FREE COFFEE?

Yep, a coworking space is generally a caffeine lover's heaven! These places come with all sorts of perks; some offer bottomless coffee, and others might also offer free food for you to enjoy in all kinds of workstations and chill rooms. Others may also throw in a fitness membership or organise regular ice-breaking community events. That's just stellar to get you interacting!

5. This One's For Small Business Owners

Getting a dedicated private workspace can result in being quite expensive for small business owners, but operating inside a coworking space is a different story. The value of using shared facilities outweighs the costs. Small businesses can successfully operate in these facilities without having to think about running costs, such as office equipment, maintenance, and internet, to name a few.

Coworking spaces enable you to break free from your own bubble. It's a fact that by opening you and your staff to new ideas, you can create a stronger company. A comfortable and productive workspace is critical to the success of any business. These lively joint workplaces assist you in increasing efficiency and forging new ties. Furthermore, they allow you the freedom to operate when and where you choose and to structure activities as you see fit.

Combining this with COMPANY XYZ's program will undoubtedly put you on the right track to achieving great things within your entrepreneurial career!

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